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Impossible Journals

Supercharge your writing.

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Journals for world-class writers.

We designed a unique bundle of journals, each based on a creative profession - from writers to movie directors.

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The Impossible Journals Collection










Engineered to 100x productivity.

Each journal has a unique, tailor-made design developed with world-class artists to improve creative accountability.

Timeless, Made in Italy quality.

Our journals are produced in the heart of Milano, in Northern Italy, using the most premium papers and materials at our disposal. 

Part of the most creative ecosystem in the world.

Our journals are not by themselves. They are surrounded by calendars, block-notes, pens and writers' kits. Anything to keep your creative process as elegant as possible.

Your impossible journey begins here.

Bring me to my journal

Impossible Journals

Our signature journals, for worldwide artists.

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Writers' kits. 

All-you-can-write toolkits.

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Calendars, Blocknotes & other tools.

Explore our wide ecosystem of creative productivity enhancers!

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Our digital products. One minute away.

If you're analogical at heart but still on the hi-tech side of things, well, these are for you.

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The BlackBook

The most unique journal in the world. Hint: you can't buy it. You can only apply for it. It will be granted based on artistic merits.

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